Address: 313, Splaiul Independentei, Building J, Room JE105, Sectorul 6, RO- 060042, Bucharest, Romania
Email: adrianhoriadediu at
Telephone: (+40)722 25 31 98
Date of Birth: September 22, 1961
Employment and Teaching experience: since 2002 Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering Taught in Modern Languages English Stream at University "Politechnica", Bucharest, Taught Courses: Formal Languages and Compiler Design, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Parallel Architectures
2000-2002 Software Developer, Superdata Software Company, having a collaborative working with Corner Software Technology (CST) Romania, a company that develops software programs for USA and UK. 
1996-2002 Associated professor at the Department of Engineering Sciences at University "Politechnica", Bucharest
1995-2000 Head of the Center for Communications and Computers of the National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, Bucharest, Romania
1985-1995 Software Engineer in different companies
(october 1985, Computing Office of Furniture Plant Focsani,
February 3, 1990, Research laboratory in printing systems Bucharest,
April 1st, 1991, Axa Publishing House Bucharest,
September 1st, 1991, Mamon SRL Bucharest,
February 21, 1994, Superdata SRL Bucharest)
Education: 2002 Courses and Following the First European PhD School in Formal Languages and Applications, Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain
1995-2001 Computer Science PhD "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Scientific advisor Prof. Trandafir Moisa, Thesis Title: Genetic Algorithms for Behavior Simulation
1980-1985 Faculty of Automatic Control, the Computers specialization, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest
Professional Experience: 2002 "Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms Performances Analysis", DAAD & NATO Grand, Postdoctoral research, Dortmund University
2000-2001 Project Title: eClosing
Project Description: Program for American Attorney Offices
Technologies: VB Forms 
Database: SQL Server Platforms:Windows 
2000 March-May Project Title: GBA, 
Project Description: Application that represents the interface for database that holds the incidents in American schools. 
Technologies: VB Forms, Crystal Reports 
Database: SQL Server, Access Platforms:Windows
1999-2000 Project Title: ESIS - European Survey for Information Society
Project Description: Collect Statistical Information regarding the Romanian Information Society Projects; Report the data to the EU project of ESIS. 
Technologies: Server Side: ASP, ODBC 
Database: MS Access
1997-1999 Projects Title: SocInfo, Intranet, Netvote
Projects description: Web Pages with DataBase Connectivity, Internal projects at IMT
Technologies: Server Side: HTM/HTX/IDC, ASP, ODBC Database: MS Access Platforms:Windows
1996, 1997 Visiting researcher for the project "Design of soft computing genetic algorithms and their applications", a bilateral cooperation contract RUM X053.4 between Institute of Microtechnology from Bucharest and Dortmund University


Professional Skills:
  • Programming Environments: .Net ( C#,C++, VB), Java, Action Script, Visual Studio 6 (VB, Visual C++,  Visual FoxPro), Crystal Reports, Pascal, etc.
  • Data Bases: SQL databases, small and medium environments like FoxPro, Acess
  • Design Tools: MS Visual Modeler, Visio
  • Modeling and simulation for resource usage/allocation optimization
  • Windows based network administration
  • Web design
  • Advanced programming and optimization techniques: Evolutionary Algorithms, Neural Networks, Intelligent Agents
  • Programming in other languages: Prolog,  Modula, Lisp, Fortran, Assembling Languages,  etc.


Awards and Honors: 1998 The Romanian Ministry of Research and Technology accorded the "best product for Intranet and Internet applications" award during the Binary 98 Exhibition
Spoken Languages: Romanian, native language,
English, French, advanced level,
Catalan, intermediary level,
German, initial level
Interests: Formal Languages, Knowledge bases modeling and representation, Algorithms and programming languages, Intelligent behavior simulation, Parallel and distributed systems